Wearing Rudraksha & Ratna Together: Best Practices

The best practices when wearing a Rudraksha and Ratna gemstone together
They are precious stone worn on special occasions by couples mostly while on a date. This art began a long time ago in various ceremonies to express how much love you have for each other and keep the bond stronger. People used woodcarvings and different artistic materials to express love. These stones are believed to have an Indian origin as they use them as ornaments, many practices being carried out using these stones. Currently the mining of these stones is popular in South America on the steep hills of Brazil. They are of different sizes all coming at a cost, the bigger the stone the more money you will spend to purchase the stone.

Wearing Rudraksha n Ratna Together

Wearing Rudraksha and Ratna Together

Hazards like collapse of the tunnel, snakebites, robbery et al happen in the search and transportation of these stones. Quiet a risky job to earn a living but the pay for the people mining is low, pay will range on size of stone you get for your boss. The main purpose is to make dollars on sale of the stone, the numerous uses out these stones yield a lot of profit to businesspersons. Rings, bungles, necklaces come from these precious stones. To obtain the real stone a lot of professional work has to be done, you need to cut down the outer shell that protects the inner bright stone so as you get the right good for sale. Its price on sale can rise beyond 270 thousand dollars depending on the color, size of this stone.
Many practices are attached to these stones

Wear Rudraksha and Ratna Together

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha and Ratnas together

These stones produce many ornaments that a bride and groom can share as they make their vows. The different colors of the stone pull all the attraction from the crowd and all eyes are at the hands of newly wedded couples. As the couple move to the reception both wearing these stones, it brightens up the function all photos glittering as light rays strike the stones.

Just as preparations of to build a home together is on the approach, this stone can act as a gift to your loved one expressing how you feel for her. The ornaments that come from theses stones are common on a lady’s body and rare for the gents. These stones make her proud and the bond will always increase and become tighter. These stones can also be gifts to birthday celebrations. People we love deserve special recognition, giving them such gifts makes them know how much value they hold in our lives.
Dowry ceremonies. In the spiritual sense this item has many implications to your life, its impact onto your life is different to that of another person. This is like part of you, as you pay the dowry to the girls home before marriage, blessings are given to you through that precious item and will create changes onto your life. Not any person can use it apart from you, once you have used it for many years, you will always get uneasy when you get it off your body.


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