Wearing Astrological Gemstones the Correct Way

Wearing a Gemstone for Astrological Effects, the right way:

Every gemstone found on earth is ruled by one of the nine planets on the basis of the energy generated by it.  For example the energy of Ruby is reddish in colour, giving vital strength and potency, which moves in sync with our Sun whose spectrum of visible and non-visible rays, includes the red color rays. Similarly the energy of yellow sapphire is  remitted by Jupiter, for emerald is Mercury and for blue sapphire it comes from Saturn.


Wear a gemstone in correct way – right time, finger and day. The effects will not only come quicker but also much more than you would anticipate.

Some rules to keep in mind when wearing a gemstone for astrological purposes:

  • Day of the week: Depending upon the stone
  • Time of the day: Again depends upon the stone. Yellow Sapphire is thursday, Ruby is sunday, Blue Sapphire is saturday etc.
  • Finger for Wearing a Gemstone:  Right hand for males and Left hand for females. If you are uncomfortable in wearing in the hand as specified then its no problem if you wear in other hand but finger is very important.
  • Metal to mount your Gemstone in: Wear your gemstones in Gold, Silver, Panch Dhatu, Asht Dhatu or Copper. Ask us if you need more information.

Do not be surprised if you hold a parcel of sapphires in your hand or wear a gemstone for first time and get a headache. This means that gemstone is effective and you have felt the vibrations. These rays or vibrations when combined with correct metal and worn in correct hand as per our vedic texts will do wonders.

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