Can Anyone Wear Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone

What is the Blue Sapphire?
In Vedic Astrology, the Blue sapphire is also referred to as Neelam. It is the gemstone of Saturn. It is a blue shaded gemstone that is often times transparent in its makeup. Blue sapphire (Neelam) can have a lot of sub classifications such as Indraneelam. This is a glistening sapphire stone in dim blue color, like a peacock’s neck. Another extremely basic variation of Blue sapphire (Neelam) is Jalneelam which has less deep blue towards the inside and darker shades of blue at its fringes.
The mining of Neelam Stone is done in different countries, including Sri Lanka, Australia and a couple of other places. In India, the mines are located fundamentally in Kashmir and at different destinations in South India. Over the years, Neelam mined from Kashmir is accepted to be the best.
Blue sapphire is viewed as a marvel gemstone. It facilitates fertility in barren women. Moreover, individuals with chronic sicknesses, for example, kidney issues, lungs issues, heart maladies and so on. It is most appropriate to industrialists, policemen, transporters, legal counsellors, surgeons, real estate agents. Saturn is a planet with obstructions making your development slow, blue sapphire gets the gifts and blessings of Saturn and guarantees confidence and improves positive energy.

who should wear blue sapphire neelam stone

Can Anyone Wear Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone?
The Blue Sapphire ought to be worn with care. It is not a gemstone for just anyone or everyone. It is a hard gem and responds rapidly, individuals see very quick results subsequent to wearing it. Be that as it may, blue sapphire should be worn strictly after the cautious observation of planets placement in your horoscope by a sound astrologer. It is one such gemstones which does not suit everyone, regardless of the fact that you are recommended to wear it.

In the Vedic system, astrologers recommend that users should keep it under the pillow when sleeping or wrap it around the arm for a couple of days before really wearing it. In the event that it is not suiting for you, it will change color or just crack and all of a sudden, you will encounter a considerable measure of problems. Additionally, the pearl ought not be worn if in the birth chart, Saturn is debilitated. Blue sapphires can be worn when there is an eclipse.

Saturn (Shani) has the ability to make people and also the ability to mark them. Expect same from a Pure Ceylonese Untreated and Original Blue Sapphire Gemstone. This means that if possessed by merited person, it can create wonders but on the other hand, if worn by wrong person it can turn the person’s life into a mess. One can’t just purchase this valuable gemstone and begin wearing it without earlier preparations. There is an appropriate procedure for wearing the sacred stone.
Consult a Professional Scientific Astrologer
As earlier discussed, Blue Sapphire is not for everyone. That is a fact that should be borne in mind so, before you opt for the Blue Sapphire, it is wise for you to counsel from a professional astrologist with respect to its effects on the person in question.

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