Powerful Ruby – Manik the Protector Gemstone

The best quality ruby is said to be sourced from Burma and can be as precious as a diamond and even more. After being procured from their source, the gemstones are subjected to treatments to darken or lighten their color and also to enhance their quality, transparency and clarity.

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The Ruby stone is said to be the “Protector Stone” as it protects its wearer from ill effects of Health and negative energies.Ruby is said to be the stone of the Sun and therefore stands for courage, authority, power, ambition, generosity and dignity .The positive influence of the Sun makes an individual optimistic and helps  to be successful in life. And as the Sun is the most powerful in the entire Solar system it overrules all the  negative effects of other planets on an individuals personal life.

The Ruby is also believed to change color sometimes to give indication of any negative energies coming towards the wearer.

It is also said that people looking for great business, profession, wealth, career opportunities should wear a Ruby in such a way that it touches the skin and in Gold , Copper or Panchdhatu metal (combination of 5 elements of the earth with silver being most present).


Ruby set in Gold in such a way that it touches the skin of the wearer. For more Gemstone Designs log onto bellojewelsonline.com

Important note: it is recommended to only wear such powerful stones on the advice of a genuine astrologer or a person who has knowledge of gemstones, as wearing stones like affect each wearer differently.
Ruby is in most cases a universal stone which any personal of any gender can wear. 


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