Pukhraj Stone for Career and Marriage

Career and Marriage are two of the most important things in a person’s Life. But sometimes due to various reasons not everything in life goes according to plan. We can attribute this to Destiny, Luck and Fate.If a person is going through difficult and troubled times there are certain energies in the universe that can help. Like the Pukhraj stone can have positive effects on an individual’s life .This has been proved over the years again and again. It is said to balance mental peace and health. It also increases family and social relationships.

yellow saphhire enhances jupiter

Positive Energies in the Universe that can Help us in our Personal Lives.

Specially for people who are not able to find the correct life partner or good job opportunities are recommended to wear this. It is suitable for both men and women of all ages.It is also decorative and looks attractive to wear if worn in unique gold and silver designs.

Yellow pukhraj is said to have a positive effect on the globus pallidus, a part of the brain which controls voluntary movements. It is said to represent positive values such as wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, education, and truth. It is believed that wearing the yellow sapphire helps to balance the internal and external thought process, guide all actions and manage complex activities.

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is said to rule the stone and therefore it does not come as a surprise that it is referred to as one of the most potent stones. Unlike Mars or Saturn, the position of Jupiter is said to be favorable. It has a positive influence on the intellectual, spiritual and religious development of an individual.

Untreated Ceylonese Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire

Shown above is a picture of untreated yellow sapphire loose gemstone from Bello Jewels India.

Pukhraj or commonly referred to as yellow sapphire in english  is deemed to be one of the safest stones to wear as there are hardly any chances of any negative effects. Pukhraj is a part of the corundum family of stones and is considered to be a twin of blue sapphire (referred to as Neelamin hindi) and Ruby (referred to as manik in hindi). The stones are available in shades of orange, golden and of course yellow. The colorless variety of the stone is known as white sapphire and a unique variety which shows a natural infusion of yellow and blue color is know and pitamabari neelam. The yellow sapphire is of a lemon-yellow color, which is due to the trace element iron. There are times when the stone is heated to enhance its color. However, the untreated variety enjoys greater demand in the market and fetches a high price.



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