The Powers of Emerald Panna Birthstone

The Emerald stone or Panna stone (in Hindi language)  is also known as the stone of Venus and often referred to as ‘The Healer’s Stone’ as it has the power to restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance of the individual wearing it.Though the stone is found in various countries such as Russia, Brazil, India, Pakistan and Zambia, the best varieties are found in Colombia in South America.

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According to astrology, the stone is associated with the planet Mercury. A person should wear the stone if they have weak mercury in their birth chart as a ring or a pendant.

Planet Sign(Rashi) Color
MERCURY (Budh) GEMINI (Mithun),
VIRGO (Kanya)
Dark or Light Green

An EMERALD (Commonly referred to as Panna Rashistone) is the symbol of brain power, intellectuality, speech and memory. It strengthens up the acts and sense of one’s commitment. It enhances your communication power. It provides you better professional opportunities. It represents Mercury, the knowledge… ”

There are several benefits of wearing an emerald. Few are –

  • People who are facing financial problems can wear this stone as it will help you to retain money.
  • The stone brings peace and positivity when it comes to one’s married or family life.
  • It enhances an individual’s brain power and spirituality
  • Individuals with a weak memory are often advised to wear an emerald to deal with this problem. Similarly people facing speech problems are also known to have benefited from the stone.
  • If you are entangled in legal disputes wearing the stone can mitigate your problems to an extent.
  • The gemstone is also believed to have a positive effect on an individual’s health and keeps several health problems at bay. However, one should not completely rely on gemstones and compulsorily seek medical advice.
powers effects of emerald panna stone

Powers and Energies of an Emerald or Panna in Human Life.

It is advisable to wear the stone only after seeking the advice of an experienced and genuine  astrologer so that you know whether it is suitable for you to wear the stone.

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