Indian Gemstone Jewellery Value & Worth

If you are looking to buy some genuine gemstone jewellery set in gold or silver from India at great prices for personal use or if you are looking to work in this trade here, the following article should help you make an informed decision.

To start with it is important to know some of the history and background of this country so here goes-

The global standing of nations in the past, in the absence of the modern day convertible currency, was generally evaluated in terms of the minerals, gemstones & metals a kingdom contained. The stories of the richness of India in the past had reached far and wide and were so alluring that as soon as explorer expeditions were undertaken in the medieval times, their main aim was to discover a route to India. The fantastic stories about the wealth of India in the past are so mystifying that ancient India was often referred to as the Golden Bird.

About Gemstones Jewellery

Unparalleled brilliant diamonds, lustrous pearls, luminous emeralds, vibrant rubies, clear sapphires, garnets, cat’s eyes etc was a part of India’s heritage for centuries later to be plundered and stolen by the Moghuls, the British and various others. But even after all these years India is still providing some of the finest gemstone jewellery and wholesale trade of gemstones in the world. Although India does not possess the world’s finest gemstones anymore but it certainly is the place to find some of the best bargains in gemstones. From Kashmiri Sapphires to Columbian Emeralds, Burma Rubies, South Sea Pearls, Tanzanites, Sri Lankan yellow Sapphires (Pukhraj) all can be found here at great prices since the trade is still going strong. And since India is located ideally in the trade route it has access to quality items from around the world.

Craftsmanship & Manufacturing of Gemstone Jewellery

The jewellery’s craftsmanship is of fine quality as the art has been handed down from generation to generation. Most of the people working in this trade have family histories dating back to ancient times in the same trade. Metals like gold and silver are still found in abundance here, so the rates of these are some of the lowest in the world.

As for Designs you will find a good balance of traditional antique designs as well as contemporary modernistic ones. Needless to say manufacturing a personalized custom design will cost slightly more than the ones already available.

Valuation & Worth of Indian Gemstone Jewellery

Indian Gemstone jewellery

Indian Gemstone Jewellery

India now has a lot of laboratories that will certify gemstones for a fraction of the cost and it is well worth it to get it done, but make sure you use reputed ones like IGLI, GIA, and IGL etc. Certification of a gemstone or a piece of jewellery adds much value and proves the authenticity of your purchase.

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