Identifying Real and Original Rudraksha Seeds

How to Distinguish between Real vs Original Rudrakshas

As the time is changing, man saw that things are getting to be prevalent, so they began to make clones of it. Regardless of the fact that the general population has not stopped making clone of human and creatures, same way, artificial Rudraksha is additionally accessible in the market today.

These days, Rudraksha now come in all sizes and shapes, and are accessible at each and every shop that offers elective pharmaceuticals, including a large group of online stores. In any case, ensure you get the genuine one. Impersonations look very genuine but don’t work! The material can be rudraksha but imagine whats the point for procuring glued rudrakshas. Here’s the means by which to recognize a bona fide Rudraksha seed.

Artificial Rudraksha is manufactured with the wild berry seeds or nuts. Whichever way, these berries can’t be as real as the ones that are in the genuine ones and in this manner effortlessly are recognized by an experienced eye. Here the feature (Mukhi) implies the profound covering going through the width of a Rudraksha bead. Taking a gander at these profound linings-facets one can perceive a genuine Rudraksha.

siddhi rudraksha mala nepal xray certified

The above pictured is a real & original xray certified siddhi rudraksha mala with rudrakshas from 1- 14 Mukhi

There are various strategies for recognizable proof of fake Rudraksha going from customary techniques to experimental strategies:

Water Test
Rudraksha bead ought to be put in bubbling water for 20-30 minutes. A sharp staining will occur at the joint in the event of artificial Rudraksha. Another water test that is conducted is by putting bead in a glass of water. In the event that it glides, it is rejected.

Be that as it may, this test is not exceptionally solid on the grounds that: An unripe but authentic Rudraksha will likewise coast in water. Fake Rudraksha bead manufactured of wood and impregnated with lead will likewise soak in water. Uncommon Rudraksha beads are sometimes made by messing around with higher Mukhi beads. This Rudraksha will likewise sink.

There are likewise tests like Cut Test, Properties Test, Copper Coin Test and Eye Test

In any case, none of these tests are full verification. The most ideal approach to purchase a costly Rudraksha is by taking an X-ray or CT scan of that Rudraksha gives 100% exact results, yet it is much costly.

X-Ray Test
One option is to take after the X-ray method where one can see the inner structure without harming the beads. This computerized X-ray test is managed without complexity for Rudrakshas up to nine Mukhis, however higher Mukhi beads may not give 100% exact results because of covering of the inside seeds.


The xray on left is of a fake (reconstructed) 21 mukhi rudraksha and on the right is of a real rudraksha.

CT Scan

CT Scan is another technique for distinguishing the genuineness of Rudraksha, however it is costlier than X-ray. It gives much clear results for any Rudraksha than X-ray.

Get a Trusted Supplier (Check Online Reviews)
It is proposed that you purchase Rudraksha from a trusted approved supplier. Numerous long time suppliers in Nepal and India bargain in fake Beads as a component of their normal Trade and this is essentially a part of the business, mostly the round one Mukhi and then any Mukhi over 13 Mukhi. When you have a dedicated and trusted supplier, you can be advised properly and sincerely on what is original and what is fake. This is about the safest way to keep yourself from the risk of going for a counterfeit Rudrakshas.

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