Effects of Gomed Garnet Stone on Mind & Body


The Gemstone of Rahu is Hessonite Garnet. This stone is also referred to as Gomedh, Garnet, Gomedhak, Raju ratna and Ping Spatik. All the ill effects of Rahu in Horoscope can be remedied by wearing Gomed. The name ‘Gomedh‘ is a sanskrit word and in Telugu its commonly referred to as Gomedhikam. Wearing Gomed gives one mental peace and freedom from worries.

Good Quality Ceylonese Natural Garnet Gomedh

Gomed – Stone of “Rahu” should be generally made with silver metal or panch dhatu and worn in middle finger of right hand or as a pendant close to your heart.


Gomed is obtained by mining. In India Gomedh is available in Kashmir, Shimla, Kulu,Bihar, Orissa and Mysore. It is also available in Srilanka, Burma and Thailand. The color of Gomedh is that of Cow’s Urine or Wine Red Color. The Best Gomedh is the Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) Gomedh and those from the Mines of Orissa in India.

Why wear Gomed Stone and What are its uses?

The ill effect of Rahu like mental conflicts, anger and obstacles in work, troubles from enemies, and disputes in the court gets sorted out if the stone is worn. Gomed is normally not worn on the basis of any Zodiac sign. Gomedh is highly recommended for those involved in active politics or those having Rahu in their tenth house in the natal chart. Those who are undergoing the mahdasa of Rahu can wear Gomedh too .Gomed is also good for those suffering from allergies, skin disorder, piles, epilepsy, infection of eyes, cold, sinus infection, fatigue, insomnia, BP etc. It is said that no enemy could face the wearer of Gomed gemstone.

Gomed Gemstone Ring set in Sterling Silver will work fastest.

How to wear Gomed Natural Stone?

Gomedh is a stone which gives fast effects. It is advisable to wear a minimum of 5 carets of Gomedh when worn as astrological remedy. .The gemstone should be cleansed in the Holy Ganges water and raw milk. The stone should be implanted in silver or five metals ring (panch dhatu) and should be worn on the middle finger while narrating `Om Ram Rahuve Namah Om` mantra 9 or 108 times . Saturday is considered an auspicious day to conduct the ritual, particularly after sunset.

Gomed worn in Silver Pendant Touching the Skin

Maintenance of Gomed Stone

The Gomed or Hessonite should be cleansed with plain water, mild soap, and a soft polishing cloth. A jewellery cleaner can also be used to clean the gemstone.


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