Effects of Wearing Different Gems on Personal Lives

Every individual is born under unique star alignments and influences.These effects can be favorable and unfavorable both.Everyone seeks betterment in their life with minimum troubles.It is believed that natural gemstones can help us here .Favorable Planetary influences can be enhanced and the effects of unfavorable planetary positions reduced.

Over decades it has been proven again and again that with help of different gems different problems can be solved.For example, in the Hindu religion it is believed that planets Saturn and Mars have a negative effect on our life and to counteract those effects we need to wear specific Gems.

When it comes to wearing stones one has to be very careful in choosing the right gem as well as choosing the right day to wear it. Taking the advice of a genuine astrologer is recommended , as they will guide you according to your own personal birth chart.

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In most cases, gems are set in either rings or pendants and worn by an individual, necessarily with an open back setting. If the stone is translucent in nature for example an emerald or diamond, then it is not necessary that the gem should be in direct contact with the skin. It is light, which takes the energy of the stone to the person who is wearing the stone. If the stone is opaque in nature for example red coral or pearl, then the gem needs to be in contact with the skin.

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The most important thing to remember when wearing a gemstone to achieve certain desired effects is – Belief. It is very necessary to have faith in the positive energies of the stone for the powers of the stone to able to help you.

  • A Ruby  should be worn on a Sunday and should be worn on the ring finger.
  • A Red Coral or Carnelian for the planet Mars and Cat’s Eye for Ketu on Tuesday should be worn on the ring finger in gold or copper metal.
  • Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Citrine/Topaz should be worn on Thursday in the ring finger or index finger in gold metal.
  •  Blue Sapphire, also known as Hessonite or Lapis Lazuli should be worn on the ring or middle finger on a Saturday on gold or silver.
  •  A Pearl or Moonstone needs to be worn on a Monday on the ring finger set in silver metal.
  •  Diamond, White Topaz or Natural Zircon should be worn in the ring finger on a Friday in gold or silver .
  •  An Aquamarine, Green Emerald, Peridot or Green Tourmaline should be worn on the little finger or the ring finger on a Wednesday set in silver, gold or Panchdhatu (a combination of five elements of earth)



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