Buying Precious Gemstones Online at Inexpensive Prices 

Jewelry and Collecting Precious Loose Gemstones is something that everybody wishes. Furthermore, given that it is something exceptionally costly makes it out of span for the vast majority. However, now you can get rebate discounted handmade jewelry mounted with precious stones effectively and directly at your doorstep by utilizing the benefit of the internet. However, what ... [Continue Reading]

Identifying Real and Original Rudraksha Seeds

How to Distinguish between Real vs Original Rudrakshas As the time is changing, man saw that things are getting to be prevalent, so they began to make clones of it. Regardless of the fact that the general population has not stopped making clone of human and creatures, same way, artificial Rudraksha is additionally accessible in the market today. These days, Rudraksha ... [Continue Reading]

The Significance of Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology

In Hindu astrology, Rahu and Ketu signify the two mathematical points on each side of the moon that have a significant impact on self-experience. The Significance of Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology is realized positively and negatively in a person’s life. As a rising node of the moon, Rahu is known to cause spiritual growth and whenever it exists in a chart; the result is ... [Continue Reading]

Wearing Astrological Gemstones the Correct Way

Wearing a Gemstone for Astrological Effects, the right way: Every gemstone found on earth is ruled by one of the nine planets on the basis of the energy generated by it.  For example the energy of Ruby is reddish in colour, giving vital strength and potency, which moves in sync with our Sun whose spectrum of visible and non-visible rays, includes the red color rays. ... [Continue Reading]

Effects of Gomed Garnet Stone on Mind & Body

Meaning The Gemstone of Rahu is Hessonite Garnet. This stone is also referred to as Gomedh, Garnet, Gomedhak, Raju ratna and Ping Spatik. All the ill effects of Rahu in Horoscope can be remedied by wearing Gomed. The name 'Gomedh' is a sanskrit word and in Telugu its commonly referred to as Gomedhikam. Wearing Gomed gives one mental peace and freedom from ... [Continue Reading]

Powerful Ruby – Manik the Protector Gemstone

The best quality ruby is said to be sourced from Burma and can be as precious as a diamond and even more. After being procured from their source, the gemstones are subjected to treatments to darken or lighten their color and also to enhance their quality, transparency and clarity. The Ruby stone is said to be the "Protector Stone" as it protects its wearer ... [Continue Reading]

Effects of Wearing Different Gems on Personal Lives

Every individual is born under unique star alignments and influences.These effects can be favorable and unfavorable both.Everyone seeks betterment in their life with minimum troubles.It is believed that natural gemstones can help us here .Favorable Planetary influences can be enhanced and the effects of unfavorable planetary positions reduced. Over decades it has been ... [Continue Reading]