Bursting the Myths of Blue Sapphire Neelam

Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone is formidably renowned for its sparkle and suffusing display of a wide spectrum of colors from the perception of varying angles. Sapphires may be treated with heat, ignited with beryllium, illuminated for preservation and bolstering the blue brilliance. Among the Neelam gemstones, the Blue Sapphire is the most popular but must be subjected on the anvil of suitability before wearing it. Blue Sapphire stones may contain less conspicuous shades like purple or violet. One of the most humongous blue sapphires weighed about forty-two kilograms and was found in Sri Lanka.

Due to the malign energies that may be unleashed by Neelam if inapt, people are perturbed and confounded on choosing the stone. If your Saturn impacts the Mukhya graha in a certain way, putting on this gem has far-reaching rewards. This stone will pacify, give concentration to the mind and enable you make the right choices and move from appropriate footing.

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This stone assists you tremendously if you are engaged in investigative tasks; your mind is distorted or cannot make proper decisions. It imbibes prudent decision making and enables you to undertake tasks aptly. If you feel your perspicacity is diminishing, you can’t flank the boundaries or understand close people such that you cannot think straight, it comes in handy to enable you develop vision. On the other hand, if it is unsuitable, it unleashes pain spasms in your hands and legs, interferes with appropriate decision making, makes you have a quarrelsome temperament and dissipate resources.

If Lord Saturn is tenuous in your natal-chart, then putting on Blue Sapphire, but Shani must not embody Markesh as this leads to negative effects. Having the gemstone against the backdrop of saade-saati is handy as it converts the bad experiences into rewarding times. If Lord Shani is hoisted on the second, ninth, or eleventh house, it enables you to make appropriate choices especially in the stock exchange. You will be able to shovel in colossal sums for your business investments if the stone dovetails with your house order. By the same token, if Lord Shani domineers the second and third house your oeuvre is perfected.

It is crucial to note the stone is not meant for all and sundry. In case your Shani comes in the third or eighth house of your natal-chart, you should not wear it. If your natal-chart is invisible, there are various misfortunes that may point towards it being incompatible with you. You should consider visiting a forecaster if you have experienced constant bad luck, have developed a temperamental attitude, there is bad blood with family or friends and other things that an astrologist may intimate.

This does not mean that you should avoid wearing Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone. Like other trove Neelam gemstones, this stone requires you to ascertain beforehand at earlier stages if it is appropriate for you. If you are aptly meant for it, you will have a sanguine future while bad luck will be kept at bay all times.

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