Best Ways to Wear Red Coral Stones or Moonga

Red Choral Gemstones and Apt Methodology

Red Coral stones are also known as Lal Moonga and are organic gemstones that are products of skeletal remains of polyps deposited together forming a colony. The formidable feature of trove Red Coral gemstones is their longevity and overly vibrant reddish or pinkish skeleton that makes jewelry. The stone is typically lusterless albeit polishing makes it glossier. There are various colors that can be adopted for the Red Coral Stone, including red, pink, scarlet, white or vermilion.

In tandem with Hindu mythology, Red coral gemstones are believed to obviate malefic impacts of Mars, also known as Mangal Graha to revere him. Mars is regarded as the god of war and stamina while being the commander-in-chief of all planets. The red color embodies blood paired with resilience in one’s life. This planet is a malefic planet from astrological standpoint and imbues its denizens to sacrifice their own desires at the behest of others.

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Red choral stones should appropriately be put on early mornings. It is ideally worn on Tuesdays. The Rattis should be from 6, 7, 10, and 12. It aptly dovetails into gold and copper rings. The best time to put Coral is an hour following sunrise and remove it at 11.00 am. While you wear Red Coral “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om” should be recited. The wearer should also give gur plus monies to brahim. Prior to wear, you should immerse Red Coral in cow’s milk and wash using Ganga water.

It is an impeccable gem for married spouses. It should be put on by soldiers, policepersons, medical practitioners, players and workers in factory settings among others. It is used in form of bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces and pendants.

Effects of Moonga

Red corals infuse bravery, resilience and amplitude to overcome and resolve problems, make the right decisions in quandaries and motivate one to take risks. Wearing the Red Coral cuts down rashness, ire while aiding to mitigate the effects posed by manglik dosh and pacifies married couples. Red coral stone is equally perfect for students as they write exams, a top-notch one enables one to acquire property, suffuse love in the family and guarantees a healthy fit life.

As aforesaid, the visibility of Red Coral trove stone is robust when worn by cops, soldiers, doctors, players, technicians and numerous professionals. It comes in handy to boost self-confidence, aptitude in administrative posts and the power of breathing life in rights and freedoms in the social-political spheres.

The nature of corals is undoubtedly hot. The Red Coral stone far-reaching rewards bring along endless traits like perseverance, fortitude and the capability to overcome and derive solutions for troubling issues. It also keeps hurdles to success at bay and heightens influences. It also spawns bliss in nuptial relations.
Red Coral stone militates against abortion, ailments, impotency, and smallpox among other diseases. Children are cushioned against illness like rickets, diarrhea, stomachache and fevers by putting on the coral beads and malas.

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